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Runtime errors with just about everything

Death Fender

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Well, everything that requires graphics that is. Just a little bit ago my laptop started showing a runtime error on rundll32.exe on start up, it shows twice. Whenever I right click on the desktop it says there is an error with explorer.exe. Same thing happens whenever I try to access the nvidia control panel, except with nvcplui.exe in place of the other .exe files. Originally I thought the problem was just a corrupt file with the drivers. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the one that came from hp's site...no improvement. I then uninstalled the driver and chipset and reinstalled them...same result.

I looked around the web for some answer. The best I have found is to completely reinstall vista, which won't be a huge problem in about a month when my bigger hd is in to transfer files to. I figured I might as well try to update to a new driver and stumbled upon this site and I have now got 169.01 running. Bust. So now I've registered, looked at the forum guidelines and downloaded NERD to run. NERD caused a runtime error with LV2GO_DIRT.EXE. I've installed the microsoft runtime library, tried installing several drivers. I'm just about ready to wipe the system, and if that doesn't work this thing is gonna become target practice.

Oh, I recently installed Crysis and that wanted a hotfix for a game library. I'm positive I was getting this error before installing the hotfix though.

I'm running a nVidia GeForce Go 6150 that I changed to 128 MB in the bios. My laptop is an HP dv9248nr.

I did search the forums and found similar results with no responses in them. Any help or just something to try would be greatly appreciated.

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