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Missing resolutions with GeForce4 440 Go


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Hi all. I'm going to tell a little story first. Several months ago I decided I wanted newer drivers for my GeForce4 Go on my Inspiron 8200. After much searching, I found this site, and discovered how to install the 91.47 forceware, which I did without considering whether that would be the right option. All seemed well and good until I tried to run the original Half-Life yesterday and got an OpenGL error. Turns out, either that driver or something else I installed in the meantime broke OpenGL. I tried going back to the original Dell distro driver (I think it's a 41.xx knockoff or something), but it broke it a different way. Well, coming back here I went with one thread's recommendation for Forceware 44.68. Tadda! OpenGL works again, and without tweaking the inf file either.

Now my new problem. With the 91.47 driver I could output in widescreen formats to an external screen in the Windows Display Settings, and switch my primary monitor to that screen. Now, with 44.68, I can only extend my desktop there in 4:3 resolutions, and not make the external the primary screen. So my question - what package should I be installing to make that work?

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You can manually add the resolutions yourself in the 4x driver's INF. Or you can copy and paste the resolution line from one of the mod INFs.

The resolution list is in the HKR tweaks section near the end of the INF.

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Awesome. I'm gonna copy/paste that section from the 91.47 inf to the 44.68. Now how about making the external monitor the primary one?

EDIT: in the 44.68 inf, there's 4 different "nv_SoftwareDeviceSettings" that include a resolution section, three of which have numbers on the end like [nv_..._P138], C139, and NV31, while there's only one section in the 91.47. Do I add the resolutions to each?

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