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Toshiba P105 /Geforce GO 7900GS

Raman Sridharan

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Hi all, ive been getting drivers here for my laptop for a long time, and I love the site. Keep it up. :)

OK, so my problem starts here: my notebook overheats a lot. Not while im gaming, just while it idles! I try my very best to keep the fans open under hte computer, but it still overheats a lot.

first off, can this be because Im using modded drivers? I cant use the nvidia drivers, like most people (i presume) it gives me an error saying I have no supported products installed in my system (so I use modded INF's from here :) ). Can this be a problem, that hte drivers aren't meant to be used with my laptop, but I am using them anyways? Shoud I use the drivers that came with my computer's install disk (which are verry outdated)?

If I am running Windows XP Pro 32 bit and am suposed to use the drivers from here, which drivers should I use?

Next...I always notice that my friend's PCs that dont have as good hardware in them as my laptop does get much better game preformance than I do. Is my gpu locked down in the BIOS by Toshiba?

Thank you verry much!!

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Hey, I got the same problem.

With the same exact laptop also.

Dont use MSCONFIG or Services and mess with the video settings. Just use the default drivers that came with the Toshiba CD.

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