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LaptopVideo2go comes to you free of charge, the Google ads and donations keep the place ticking over as you see it now.

We currently run of 3 servers, 2 for drivers and one for the forum/website.

Over the last few months we've seen phemominal growth in popularity, the place is teeming with people looking for driver salvation.

This is wreaking havoc with the servers we are on, which is a shared server @ Lunarpages.

Now to not beat around the bush.

The forum server is taking up too many CPU processes for us to stay on it, in our current state.

We need to take drastic action to be able to do more of what we do best and why so many people come back here for.

We are on the lookout for a new server that can handle the forums and website (subdomains etc)

The forums consume little bandwith but serves out 40+ million hits a month.

Basically we need a dedicated server to put the website/forum on.

Now the ads and very kind donations happily pay for the current hosting but there is no way we can afford to pay for a dedicated server with our current income.

If anybody can assist with this, be it $$ or the ability to assist us with getting a dedicated server there will about 250,000+ users that will no doubt be very greatful.

We are happy to rent out advertising space for those that would like to sell their wares on these pages if it helps us out.

Unless we can get some better hosting then we will have to cut back services, the Enhancer page and driver pages (well the whole front page) are first to go.

Any and all suggestions welcome, feel free to PM me with any more sensitive thoughts.

I had hoped this day would not happen so soon :)

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