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Quadro FX 1600M on Dell laptop


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Dear all

I recently bought a dell precision m6300 laptop with integrated quadro fx1600m graphic card with the main purpose of put in work an external stereoscopic monitor (planar sd family).

After installing the graphic card driver delivered by Dell, I activated the nView-Clone Mode and the Stereo mode but I didn't get the expected result. I made some tests with JPEG Stereo pictures and a plain stereo viewer. In fact I get no stereo effect or, in other words, the same picture appears on both monitors.

I felt really confident when I selected this hardware solution because the fx1600m was presented as being a high-end product for mobile computing. Now I contacted Dell in order to get support for my trouble, but they aren't that quick with their answers.

My guess is that there is no appropriate driver at the moment supporting the implementation of OpenGL Stereo for this graphic card. Any suggestion on driver future development would be appreciated.

I hope that someone in this forum can help me solving this problem. Thank you in advance for any efforts.

Best regards,


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You shouldn't be so quick to assume that stereo doesn't work. I have gotten it working on my 5 year old Dell laptop even.

I think you might have something setup wrong.

Maybe your not supposed to use clone mode?

Also you need the stereo driver installed over the matching Forceware driver.

So right now you have these 2 options.



Install one of the mentioned drivers, then install the forceware driver on top of it.

A new menu should appear in your nvidia control panel.

Edit: Here is another beta.


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