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Overclocked GeForce 8600M GT


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Alright, Well I just recently overclocked my 8600M GT, and I was just wondering if the current temp is safe, and such. I am new to overclocking, so excuse my nubness. I overclocked the card from 475/400 to 600/475 (Shader Clock 1200). The temperature never rises above 60, but I have noticed something whilst playing Team Fortress 2. For some reason the glass at one point was a purple color, and I was just wondering if this is an artifact. I attached a in-game screen shot. I used RivaTune 2.06 to overclock. Peace.


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It's safe at 58...don't let it go over 90 though :)

Alright, thanks. I think I am going to get a cooling dock for the laptop tomorrow, so I can overclock it without any risk at all. Thanks for the reply.

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This is a Source engine bug from alt-tabbing. This can also happen with the water and also user sprays so you're perfectly fine and have nothing to worry about.

This isn't artifacting :) .

Also happens in Counter-Strike: Source, or any Source game for that matter.

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Thanks a lot, I should have thought of the alt-tabbing. I have seen it before, should have put the two together. Thanks.

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in my macbook pro i have a geforce 8600M GT 128MB too and i raised the frequencies from original 470/635 to 570/800, yesterday I raises again to a maximum off 600/900 using the ati tool...

without any 3d performance my gpu temperature lays between 50 and 55°C...

playing crysis raises my temp to above 80°C sometimes, average is 75-77°C

I didnt get any errors during gameplay.


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