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Nvidia has released, under a new numbering scheme, the 9.46 WHQL drivers which can be acquired here:

Vista 32bit

Vista 64bit

XP 32bit

XP 64bit

They include the following drivers:

* Ethernet Driver (v67.67) WHQL

* Network Management Tools (v67.67)

* SMBus Driver (v4.60) WHQL

* Installer (v5.66)

* SataRAID Driver (v9.98) WHQL

* SataIDE Driver (v9.98) WHQL

* RAIDTOOL Application (v9.99)

Support "officially" is for the chipsets listed:

* nForce 780i

However I have found these drivers will fully support other chipsets such as these:

* nForce Go 430

I will tell you to please manually install the drivers using the Control Panel rather than the Nvidia Installer to make sure your system is officially supported.

This driver DOES have more stability than the current 15.01 and 15.08 drivers.

If you have a chipset other than the nForce Go 430 that has support from these drivers please post it below with the chipset number.

These are the current chipset IDs supported by this driver:

SATA IDE driver:








SATA RAID driver:















Ethernet driver:




PCI System Management driver:

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_0064

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_00D4

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_0084

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_00E4

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_0052

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_0034

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_0264

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0368

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_03EB

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0446

%PCI\VEN_10de&DEV_01b4.DeviceDesc% = AMD_NO_DRV, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0542

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Million thanks

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