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overclocking, benchmarking and increasing FPS help!


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I am running a Toshiba Satellite x205 with vista home premium, intel centrino core 2 duo with 2x120gb processors, a nvidia geforce 8700m gt card, 2gb ddr2. I recently ran a PC scan, comparable to 3dmark06 and came up with the low and horrible news of being in the lowest 60,000 out of a possible 400,000 for speed and performance. I have a good driver from this site and my games such as Bioshock and The Witcher are running at a jaw dropping 10-15 fps while just running around. If I stand still I can peak out at 40. In an intense battle it lags incredibly and I hit around 5-10 FPS. Hence the Ouch, my head hurts. I installed Riva tuner to no avail. I am running Fraps behind my games while trying to tweak things but so far nothing changes no matter what I do. I've read hundreds of sites on fixing my issues but nothing reallly touches on anything more specfic than what I've already done the threads almost always turn into a who's CPU is better match. I know mine is not the greatest, but I should still be able to run these games on high with a much much better FPS and gameplay. Oh yes, I turned ALL my settings down to low including internally on the graphics card and then on the ingame options. Nothing helps. I am thinking possibly I don't have the best driver, or better yet there is an optimization for running duo CPU's that I am missing. This is a very generalized thread starting question but is anyone familiar with improving FPS and general gameplay? I also run HL2 and TF2 and if I could get it to work CoD2 and if I can find it Oblivion and Hellgate:London. Kids stashethem somewhere and wont tell me where! Thanks in advance for any leads as to improving these!

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