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8600M GT and Gears of War. Best Drivers. Recommended?


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Hi guys.

This is my first post here.

I have been playing GOW normally with my 169.28 Drivers but recently I am experiencing a hugh drop in my gameplay. The game wont run smoothly any longer, no mattering of the the setting, tried all, from highest to lowest. I was using everything on High, DX10 and AntiA off, on a 1440x900 resolution perfectly. Now the game has become unplayable under any resolution. I am getting no more than 15 FPS

I am wondering what could have happened? I have no programs on the background leeching my CPU or Ram. The only thing I did was overclock the card to 618/560 and it didnt overheat much (around 60-63 Celsius).

Have I damaged my GPU? I am using the wrong drivers for this game? I am clueless. Somehow this situation has shown to be progressive. Performance has been dropping since the first time I runned the game.

Your help is much appreciated!

Thanks :)

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I have heard that 163.69 are the recommended drivers for GoW for Vista whereas XP is 163.75. I would try those before anything else. Also, I played GoW with 169.04 and it worked alright... OCing your card should be fine as long as you are not seeing any artifacts. I would feel uncomfortable going too far past 600/500. Your card shouldn't be overheating. I have the same card and it runs in the 80s and low 90s when gaming (no fans inside for some reason?). I will eventually buy some cooling for my laptop though, that type of heat will not make my GPU last very long...

Take it easy.


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Thanks Mike.

Let me give those drivers you say a shot.

I will update this afterwards.


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Well Mike, my problem was solved 100%!!! All back to normal!!

Too bad I beat the game 3 hours afterwards hahaha :)

Thank you very much for your help!

Now, It's time to face Crysis!

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i am using acer gemstone with a t7300 cpu and a 8600m gt card...i am also using 169.28 drivers...i seem to have the same problem as you.

So does it mean i need to downgrade my drivers?

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