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GTR2 does not work on my Nvidia7900GTX


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Hi everybody

i have NVIDIA 7900GTX video card n my toshiba p100 laptop, when i play the GTR2 or any other car racing game, when i launch the game and go out of the pit the vdeo card frezez, crushes and the laptop retarts by itself.

my vido card works perfectly when playing crysis or medal of honor or anything else, but not racing games.

please help, it is driving me crazy

mny thanks

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Sorry to hear about your problem. I also have a P100 with a 7900gtx and GTR2 seems to work fine. What driver version are you using? I have used 84.69 and 169.21 and they work ok for me. Also, what kind of temps are you getting?

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thank for your assistance

i had problem with the video card when i bough the lap top 10 month ago, it was working fine for GTR2 but was freezing with other games so i have sent the lap top to toshiba to be fixed ,they replaced the driver wih new one, when i received it back i could not play GTR2 anymore but i could play crysis or medal of honor airborne with no problem. i called them back and they adviced to update the driver using toshoba canadian website, but i could not find any update for 7900gtx there. then i found the website of laptop video2go.

i had driver version 8.4.00 and i tried to update to newer version using laptop video2go website, and the late updated driver was released 18/ 12/ 2007 . but still did not work.

how can i check the temps of the driver? honeslty i am not that good .

if you know how i can update the driver i would be much appreciated


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To check temps, I use a program called ATI Tool (from guru3d.com). This will also allow you to change to speed of your graphics card (core and memory). When you install it, it will put an icon in your system tray that will show you the temp of your graphics chip.

As for drivers, I am currently using 169.21 from laptopvideo2go.com. I have also used 84.69 from nvidia. Both of these have worked for me in GTR2. You might think about uninstalling and then reinstalling GTR2. Reinstalling after a driver update may help your situation. I wish I could offer more advice, but I am no expert that is for sure! You could also contact SimBin (the makers of GTR2) and see if they might be of some help.

Sounds like you have already been successful at updating your driver. But as a word of caution, you might be well served to do an uninstall of your current driver and then do a clean reinstall of a known, stable version like 169.09 or 169.21 or even an older one like 97.92. Look around this forum for instructions on a clean driver install. It basically involves the following:

1. uninstall current driver using add/remove programs in control panel

2. reboot into safe mode

3. run driver cleaner program

4. reboot into regular mode

5. install new driver

As I said, I am no expert. But I know GTR2 should run on your computer, as it appears to be very similar to mine. Good luck and keep us posted as to how things are going.

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thanks a lot for you inforation ,

i am still getting problemwith this driver, now it gives me black screen as soon i go out of the pit , very strange, ,....

i will try to use those tricks that you have adviced hopefully i can getsomewhere.. it is really frustrating escpecially when you do not understand those tricks in the computer,

i will keep you posted when i get result.

all the best.

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