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Problem with TV connection


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Hi all..

I have ASUS F3M with GeForceGo 6100 grafic card...

My system run under XP 32bit SP2...

I try to connect my ntb with my TV with S-Video(ntb)-Cinch through video recorder, but it doesn't work..

I try to connect also with S-Video(ntb)-Scart(TV), it also doesnť work...

Nobody don't know, why it doesn't running...

Could somebody help me??? If you need more information, ask me and I'll write them here:)

Thank you:)

Sorry for my English:) I haven't used my English for 2 years:)

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If you are using a modern nvidia driver you should be able to activate the TV from the "setup multiple displays" menu.

A "TV" option should appear if its detected your TV properly.


Change the language to the one you use, and hit the search button, at the drive page there is a link to a user guide, to explain how to turn the TV out on through the control panel.

Have you tried hooking the laptop up with a straight 4 pin to 4 pin s-video cable to the TV?

Some TVs don't send the proper signal to the laptop, you might have to try another TV.

Some Scart cables could be screwing with the signal.

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I think, my notebook doesn't detect TV, because I never found "TV" option in "nVIDIA option"...

No this page isn't any driver for my grafic card... Someone said me, that drivers for this grafic card (GeForce Go 6100) are produced no more.

I tried to connect only with cables I wrote last..

My father can connect to this TV with his notebook(HP) easy..

I tried to connect to my girlfriend's TV and it didn't also work:(

My notebook haven't detect any TV yet:(

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