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Overclocking GeForce Go 7700 Asus A8Js

Guest Luis Carlos

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Guest Luis Carlos

Hi, i got an A8Js with an GeForce 7700 and i recently installed nTune and tried OC'ing my card by 50 mhz so clocks went up like this:

Core - 450 > 500

Memory - 400 > 450

I really liked the results, i got a very good 5 FPS speed increase for most games, and that little boost is essential for games like SEGA Rally which ran at 25 FPS and now runs at 30 -35 FPS.

My drivers are 169.28 with modded inf, and PowerMizer is working perfectly.

My questions are :

is it ok to overclock the card all that?

what is the max safe temp?

will the idle temp increase?

will PowerMizer still work?

Thanks very much.

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yeah, those overclocking seems alright, quite safe(I believe you can go higher) :) , and the top edge temperture I would suggest anything below 80-85c, if you are using ntune of anyothere software to overclock i will not guarantee PowerMizer to work. Since overclocking it is forcing it to go to that clock speed at all times unless to tune it back. I do my overclocking by changing the bios of the video card(not as safe to do) but this way, I don't have to set the clock speed everytime when I want to game. Bios includes profiles like 3D applications, 2D applications' clock speed, it is autoadjusted via bios.

My Aspire 5920G settings:

8600m GT 256MB

stock: 475mhz core, 950mhz shader, 400mhz memory

OC'ed: 575mhx core, 1150mhz shader, 450mhz memory


idle: 50~60ish

gaming: 75~85ish

Morris Lee

morrismurphy@gmail.com (email me if you need to ask me questions directly) :)

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Guest Luis Carlos

And if i try to flash the bios and for some reason it's invalid, or it fails to flash it, or whatever error happens, will i be able to reflash or it will be "bricked"?


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