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'Single GPU' Sli Performance Mode


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Im posting this here as a direct copy of the topic i posted over at the slizone forums after ALOT of confusion over both of these often misunderstood settings.

I decided to create this new topic to finally put together everything in one topic so that this 'issue' can finally be put to bed.

1. Single GPU Sli mode does exactly what it say on the tin. Only one GPU is being used to render the frames (thanks to ChrisRay for confirming that). When you enable SLI in the control panel, thats all your doing, your enabling the SLI bridge and second card, your not actually using the second card until a profile is activated that has SFR/AFR/SLI AA enabled in the profile.

2. The latest sets of drivers are reporting the WRONG SLI mode in the profiles, they are incorrectly displaying Single GPU for some AFR settings that the UI doesnt recognise yet. If you want to check the correct SLI mode please download and install the latest version of nHancer.

3. Single GPU mode does NOT mean that both cards are rendering the frames as one 'huge' GPU, this is rubbish.

4. In your 'GLOBAL' 3D settings SLI Mode is there ONLY for when an application that makes a Direct3D or OpenGL call to the GPU's DOESNT have a profile. It defaults to Single GPU because this is the safest method of rendering when an application doesnt have a profile. If one of your games doesnt have a profile then it is far better to create a new profile for it than to rely on the global settings. Changing the Global SLI Performance mode setting does NOT change how 3DMark will perform (3DMark has its own profile with its own SLI mode specified, AFR2 or AFR3 if memory serves me correctly). While Game profiles can use the global settings, they never use the global SLI mode, SLI mode is always set specifically in each profile.

I hope these brief points clear up some common misconceptions and that we can all finally put this Single GPU stuff to bed once and for all.

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thanks for the info. it helped me out alot on why most of my games have been performing like absolute crap.

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This is the first thing I noticed when my bench turned out lower than a singe card! I was benching with furmark and I dont believe it uses a 'profile'. Havent tried any other benches or even after changing the global settings but its very important to know! Thanks Mac!

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