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Nvida Geforce Go 6100 newest driver?


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So I bought my new laptop and I got Fable from my gf for christmas. First of all my card is a Nvida Geforce Go 6100. ALSO!!! To get this aside my computer can play Condemned and Bioshock (but not really bioshock but I can acutally see whats going on its just so laggy) so just to say my computer can run Fable! I installed it and found out it wasen't working. I was just getting a black screen with background sounds. I then found out it runs with the effects detal turned all the way down. I then found out after the first level the same thing happens again when your supposed to see a cut scene with you and a mage named Maze. I then found a Nvida Forceware thing and installed it and then made some progress. I can hear the cut scene and skip it and then move my charater around but I still get a black screen. Im not sure if the forceware was the newest one. I also used Radarsync to see that I have I do have a new driver for my card... that I can't find. The version I have now is and the nvidia site verifys that. And the new one is said to be Im not good with driver related stuff and I don't wanna mess anything up because of first getting a gateway and have constent trouble with it for 2 months I finnaly got this laptop (pretty much 2 times better) as compensation and I don't wanna do anything to wreck it. If someone could help me out I would be very greatful.

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