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ASUS C90P Overclockable Gaming Laptop


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During CES 2008 ASUS presented their forthcoming gaming laptop: C90P. This will be a high-end laptop that will allow overclocking by simply touching a button. It is not only that: it will use regular desktop CPUs, making it easier to install and upgrade the processor (the product is based on Intel CPUs), lowering the system cost (as desktop CPUs are traditionally cheaper than mobile CPUs) and allowing faster CPUs to be installed (as usually very high-end CPUs are only released for the desktop market). Sounds interesting? Read on.

Just found this recview over at hardware Secrets

Quite a good rig for those wantng to tinker with their machines.

For the full review headon over here

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Guest Tobias

What's the main difference from the Asus C90S that has been out in stores since spring/summer 2007? Looks the same to me (I have one) and same concept (easy to change desktop components etc).

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Lets see here, C90S has a 3GB limit, C90P does not; the C90S is limited to CPU with a FSB 1066 and tops out at around 1200, the C90P works with all the newest Intel chips starting at a FSB of about 1333; and the highest graphics card for the C90S is the 8600M GT (MXM II), the C90P will start out with a 8700M (MXM?, if its III then we could see 8800M). Those are the high points, besides the Intel P35 chipset which is drastically newer then the current 945G(M) chipset theres nothing else, really.

All and all, I'm hopping the 8700M for the C90P is at least MXM II so that means an actual upgrade for the C90S. I'm not looking forward to the 9500M and there is no sight of a 9600M.

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OK, thats the Asus G1Sn with a 9500M GS, on a note that G1 is also Penry based mobile platform.

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We've learned that the next generation 3Dmark will have two points that are going to suit ATI a lot. The new 3Dmark06 will have a DirectX 10.1 test, at least that is the current plan, and we all know that none of Nvidia's graphics cards have support for this API.

This will be quite a blow for Nvidia, as in this particular test Nvidia ought to score zero and we are sure that this will affect the final score. The benchmark should be out in February.

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