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Question about video shared system memory


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I got a question about Shared system memory, I have a HP Pavilion DV6646US with a GeForce Go 7150M, I have this specs:


I don't know why games like Portal run so slow, I mean, games just recognize 128MB of dedicated memory, how to use all the available video memory ?

Thx for any answer.

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OK. First off, I must apologize as I don't have access to a "shared-memory" system, but all the appropriate settings should be available to you directly within the Nvidia control panel. Pls report back on your success and experiences. :)

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The "Available Graphics Memory" is actually the KTX Buffer Region or AGP/PCI Texture Buffer that is used when the GPU's main memory is used up and needs to initiate more memory for temporary swap storage. Normally your system shouldn't have to use this feature of the graphics card, but if you use a high level of texturing in a game or application it might be accessed.

BTW you have only 128mb of memory for graphics anyway and even with 1GB of RAM in the system it can feel the pinch at times. I highly recommend you increase you system RAM at some point in time.

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Guest mohgeroth

I got this system as well, but the problem is that though your memory is shared and the amount of memory seems quite large, the video card sort of comes first (so to speak) and with its limited memory would probably come limited processing speeds and consdiering it wil use your ram as well to process the video (if you need extra video memory) your taking an EXTRA step to process the data going from the VC to the ram and back, so your slowing down the processing of images alot sendin information to places it otherwise shouldn't!

Some places in world of warcraft like outside or in caves ican get wild 90+ fps but looking in distance or in a major city, it flops to 20 at the maximum...of course more textures, more memory, more processing comes the lower framerates :)

My wonder is if its a replacable piece or not, as i've not opened it up to see if it could be taken out and upgraded, as dedicated memory is always better for the framerate... If it can be upgraded, upgrade that first for frames, the ram otherwise holds out strongly even if you didn't downgrade to XP (I'm still keeping on vista, software development major... ive gota learn it eventualy lol)

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