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8600m GT sudden inability to O/C

Guest LPZ

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I currently own an Acer 5920g, and ever since the time when I had tried out some Omega drivers, I found out that my GPU will sometimes revert its clock values to its default value, and sometimes, it works well. I've tried out almost every 169.XX driver, nothing seems to work, this somehow happens at random. I've tried using driver cleaner AND driver sweeper, but this problem seems to arise whenever it wants to.

Sometimes a reboot would allow the O/C , sometimes it wouldn't even budge for the whole day, it's frustrating and annoying, has anyone encountered these problems before?

P/S : I've followed the guide on using driver cleaner and sweeper, but even so, whenever I use the have disk method, the list seems to contain all the previous drivers that I have once installed, is this normal?

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Ok, so I've just noticed something, The overclocking only works when I plug in my power cable, if it's not connected, the clock value would retain its current value. An example would be, if I started my laptop without having the power plugged in, the clock value would be the default one, and it would revert to its default clock value regardless of applying different clock values to it.

Yet, if I had my power plugged in, I would be able to O/C it to 600/500. After overclocking it and taking out the power cable, the clock retains at 600/500, but the value will not change unless you apply a lower clock, which would then not respond to a change to a higher clock value

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