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Problems runnGears Of War


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hey guys,

i am intensly P'd off... i got this rig for a lot of money, and from all my knowledge it is a good machine..(see sig)

basicly, i installed afresh vista (accidently installed addware within 30mins so had to redo it...lol)

installed gears of war, it recomended installing this wndows update and this driver....i cant remember any....as i closed it telling it never to bother me again.....

well i cured vista update by installing all latest updates....driver how ever i am strugling with....i have just installed the 169.28 driver 5 mins ago, same thing, the game starts, then closes soon after....(witin 1 min)...

i have no idea on what is wrong with it....its just bizarely strange.....so, wanted to know if any one out here has any clue abt the problem....


also to add, discovered this site while searching google for 8600m gt drivers, nice community here, and would like to thank the community from the botom of my heart for the good work you guys are doing here, and thus i thaught id join also.... :) so that some of that wisdom rubs off into me:D:D hopefully....

any ways,

thanks in advance guys for any insight you mite provide....

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Hey, I was having the exact same problem and i called the microsoft support line and the guy told me that the problem is only with vista and it's a really stupid but simple fix. All you need to do is click START>GAMES>then click the gears of war icon and it wont crash anymore. It has to do with something with games for windows installed a certian way to vista. Hope it helps. CLMT

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thanks guys, she lives.....hehehhehe....but only getting abt 22fps... (everything max, shadows medium)

how can on go about overclocking ones GPU?

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