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How to create a bootable USB Stick


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Hi, i've been working on a bootable USB Stick for weeks now and finally got a simple and working solution.

First of all, there is a program with which i tried to reach my aim for a quite long term. It's called "Bootdisk2bootstick".

I dont know whether it does work or not, but i didn't manage to create a bootable stick with it.

Here's the working solution:

First of all you need a USB Stick with lets say at least 64 MB,

this program to emulate a floppy drive http://chitchat.at.infoseek.co.jp/vmware/vfd.html#download

and this little tool, which will work not only with hp sticks but with every USB stick http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,...escription.html

1. Format your USB stick with fat 16

2. launch the floppy emulation program and emulate a virtual floppy drive and mount an empty 1.44 inch disk.

-----> under the point "driver" click "manual", then "install" and "start". then switch to "drive0" choose a drive letter and a directory where to put the image

-----> file. select "ram" and 1.44 inch disk.

3. right click on your floppy drive in windows explorer, click format, and then create a dos boot disk.

4. now install and open the HP utility

----->select your USB Stick and fat 16. also select "quick format" and "create a dos startup disk using dos system files located at"... and select your floppy drive here.

5. now press start and you should have a bootable ms dos boot stick.

I aditionally downloaded drivers for my german keyboard, for mousesupport and NTFS, as well as the norton commander clone volkov commander.

You may download some dos drivers and tools here: http://www.uwe-sieber.de/util_e.html

If you want your dos to load some drivers or tools directly after booting, you have to copy the drivers contents on your created stick and create a textfile named autoexec.bat in the root directory of the stick. in this file you write the paths of the drivers .exe or .com files.

For Example:


You can copy any content on your stick, until it is full. For example bios flash software, virus scan software and so on.

I hope this works for you, too. It's much more comfortable than burning boot cds and much faster to boot up.

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Hi there,

Does anybody know if With this usb stick I can run the CRISIS RECOVER tool from Phoenix bios?

I'm asking it because i'm planning to mod or edit my bios file to defeat the whitelist wireless card. If for some reason I get a bad CRC with the modded bios file, when flashed ,it will brick my laptop.

When its bricked, the only way to recover the laptp is thru a USB Floppy disk drive, and a Phoenix bios Crisis recover tool, but i dont have it, but i have a usb stick, thats why i'm asking it.


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I always considered a bootable USB stick to be a floppy disk and a CD replacement.

I don't know exactly how a modded BIOS for a wireless would brick the laptop, but I guess you have to think as long as the USB will be recognized after the laptop becomes bricked then it seems like there should be no issue.

My two cents anyway.

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All these steps aren't necessary. If you notice, the bulk of the steps are creating the necessary dos files. Instead, just follow the directions in this post:

http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....ost&p=42636 .

You only need to look at steps 1-4. The link to the "HP USB formatter GUI" is dead so use this link instead: http://www.notebookforums.com/attachment.p...mp;d=1176485379 . If the Phoenix program runs in DOS then you should be fine.

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So far my lappie doesn't want to boot from USB stick - must see if it can be fixed.

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No USB on the list so far. Just network, HD and optical.

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Gotcha - needed just another reset.

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on my machine i also have to enable "legacy usb device" to boot from a usb device. kinda odd but it might help?

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