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where can but nvidia geforce go 7950gtx 512mb and nvidia geforce 8800m gtx 512mb?


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anybody know where can buy nvidia geforce go 7950gtx 512mb and nvidia geforce 8800m gtx 512mb??? my laptop is asus z99sc... core 2 duo x7900! oh ya, anybody know asus g1s and g2s can ugrade to nvidia geforce 8800m gtx 512mb or not? thanks... :)


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Guest Ed_Oscuro

Ice-Tea recently told me that the G2S isn't MXM, so it'd be up to Asus to provide upgrades...which is not likely!

In my opinion, the G2S is a funky machine. The screen refresh rate is 62 FPS, which messes with lots of applications (anything that needs 60 FPS will appear to stutter). The screen itself is pretty nice (white looks grainy and there is backlight bleed on a pure black screen, but other than that very nice) with a huge resolution of 1920x1200, but consider this:

You must either find games that offer 16:10 aspect ratio, or change the setting in your nVidia control panel to create a screen with bars on both sides of the screen for 4:3.

Once that's done, you must find a game that either does 800x600 (scaling cleanly for 1600x1200, the top 4:3 resolution you get), OR find an older game that the GPU can handle at 1600x1200, OR fool around with odd resolutions that don't divide evenly into the number of pixels on the screen (which shouldn't look all that bad, but it's not optimal).

Still a great laptop, but gaming on it can be a trial compared to my desktop rig. On the other hand, most people without top-end graphics cards do this sort of stuff all the time, anyway.

Oh, the final note is that the 8600M GT in the G2S does seem to have some issues. I had the screen hang up a bit for no apparent reason for a few seconds while writing this post (and I don't have much installed other than the default factory stuff). There is a problem with the way this GPU handles texture memory.

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