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hi there i have an amillo 1667g with a knackered x700 128mb

im looking to get a new card i would be greatfull to purchase any card that will work as a direct replacement for my laptop any advise would be great or if you have a card for sale even better,

as mxm upgrades go i am a complete n00b so any info on how to do it would be great aswell i know how to take my exsisiting card out but as i said any info would be lovely

thanks alot


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ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 256MB Laptop Video Card M58

will this fit btw my cpu is a amd 64 4000+

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ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 256MB Laptop Video Card M58

will this fit btw my cpu is a amd 64 4000+

Yes it will. As you cna see, I ve already done this mod. You will however need to get out a dremel and mod the heatsink a little to fit over the substantially larger GPU. Pictures are available via 'MXM Upgrade'. Otherwise its a straight swap. You'll have to make sure you have the latest Omega driver installed too adn all will be good.

Be warned, your laptop will be HOT at times. uring usual (non-gamin) use its only a fraction hotter than with the X700....................BUT you will need a cooler from Zalman or Coolermaster if you want to exploit it fully on games. I can now run most games at silly detail. Even Crysis runs at 800x600 with all details at Medium at a constant 30+ fps!!! Most games can be MAXED at 800x600 and older (Source engine?) games can be run at max or just below at higher resolutions.

Luckily, the 1667g protects itself, so if it detects too much heat it perform a thermal shutdown and immediately cut the power preventing damage to anything.

If you go ahead, you'll have a portable system which'll do everything even quicker and a mean gaming system with a cooler placed underneath. Less demanding games of course dont need the cooler but who wants to play those. My laptop performs better now than a friends new Asus worth about a grand!!!!



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