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More server woes


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Our very kind server benefactor who was hosting the 174 series drivers has also now got server problems.

His unlimited Bandwidth account is not unlimited.

When a Webhost tells you that it's unlimited, this it's not true, there are hidden limitations.

Even shared big bandwidth accounts also have hidden limits.

The only way to get big bandwidth is paying for it.

Here are some tips.

Unlimited = BS and lies, avoid unless you have very few people downloading.

Unmtered = the Ultimate way to have bandwidth but is VERY expensive, you can have as much downloading/uploading as is possible with the coonection 10mbps = cheap, 100Mbps very expensive

Bandwidth limited accounts.

If you want bandwith but unmetered is to slow and fast accounts are too expensive, then limited Bandwidth is for you.

BUT get it in a dedicated server, NOT shared also 100Mbps dedicated connection is also advisable.

So avoid servers that look too cheap to be true.

Avoid shared servers, you share the server with often 100 others and you are allocated 1 or 2% of the CPU resources

I hope this helps those of you looking for webhosting.

I've learned lots over the last 2 weeks on the above.

174.xx Hosting is going back to one of the old server, Lunarpages will probably disable this as well but in the mean tim make the most of it.

Still a huge thanks to the kind soul who offered his webspace and bandwidth :)

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If necessary we could start a few torrents spinning around.

I know how you feel about Unlimited Bandwidth servers too and yes it is a scam more or less. Unlimited means Unlimited Uploads and Access but not the bandwidth needed for massive amounts of downloading.

This is why I think torrenting might be a good but temporary solution for now. At least with torrents the bandwidth can be shared around the web and world with others who can seed out the torrents. It's also why torrents are becoming a very popular way to file share.

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When a new driver is released, BitTorrent can turn into the Akamai of the poor people. It won't prevent users from leeching. (read suck the driver as fast as they can and shutdown their BT client) If you can run a BT client on the servers, you'll be able to share the load on shiny new and popular drivers.

Then after a month or so... when the things quiet down... publish a direct link and dump the torrent.

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If we could get about 10+ seeders going on a single torrent we'd reduce the bandwidth on one server to at least 10%

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