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Help with 8600M GS


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Hi. I'm using 169.21 with my 8600M GS (XP Pro SP2). When go into settings > advanced > adapter and click "list all modes" I get:

"Bad color depth - driver returning bad data" (the dialog appears twice. Second time after clicking ok in the first dialog.)

I am also getting funny playback on VLC Media Player with my HighRes files (H264 in MKV container). It's difficult to explain but there are "lines" visible in scene changes. Kind of like it's not refreshing properly. I don't even know if that makes sense...I have difficulty explaining visual problems.

I just read up on the NVIDIA driver classes explanation in the FAQ and I'm wondering if maybe I should be using one of the 167 drivers instead. I heard ppl discuss using the 169 series on their laptops and said that it's great, so I'm not sure what to do. Maybe an update to the 169.28 would be better? I have no idea what I'm doing. Please help.

Also, when I boot to vista and try to run the Nvidia Cascades demo, it's choppier than all hell. Like my fps is maybe 2 :)

Should this be happening with my specs? (listed below)

HP dv9700t CTO

CPU 2.2GHz 4MB L2 Cache


8600M GS with 512MB Video RAM

Running XP Pro SP2 and Vista Home Premium

NOT dual boot. Using boot manager software...although I doubt that matters here.

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bump...if anybody can help I would really appreciate it. thanks.

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