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8600M GT mysterious heat increase

Guest Alex

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Hello, I seem to have a strange problem with my GPU temps. I have an ASUS G1s-A1 (8600M GT 256MB GDDR3, 3GB RAM, Core2 2.2GHz, Vista 32). When I first got the laptop (christmas) the highest the GPU core would ever reach was 92 degrees, which is hot, but certainly not out of the ordinary for the G1s (with the Vantek Lapcool 3 notebook cooler).

Since I have read so much about overclocking the G1s GPU, I tried nTune (stunk) and Riva Tuner. Using Riva Tuner, I managed to get the clocks from 474/700 to 585/745 and the temperature would rise to 97. (I couldn't get passed 595 without artifacts filling the entire screen.) I never left it overclocked all the time, I only engaged the overclock when playing crysis, COD4, or oblivion. Its been a few months now and I clocked it back to normal, and tested the temperatures again. The GPU core was still hitting 96-97 with same ambient temperature as well as clean vents and intakes. I was using the 174.31 drivers and switched to the 173.65 because a lot of people claimed temperature reduction, but there was no change. (still with the same cooler)

I know that 4 or 5 degrees celcius doesn't seem like much, but at theses high temps, I'm scared my card will burn if close to 100 for too long. Could my overclock have permanently effected stock clock temps? I certainly wouldn't think so, but there has to be some explaination. As I said, I use compressed air on the vents and intakes, and the room temperature hasn't changed, so I don't understand why the GPU has been so consistantly hotter than normal for the last several days- I want my 92 degrees back!!! :)

Anyone know whats going on? I would appreciate any ideas!



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