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What else can I do for my performance to increase?

Guest James

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Guest James

Hi Everyone,

I have a Dell Inspirion 1520 with the following specs:

T7100 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo

3GB Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz RAM

nVidia 8600m GT w/ 256MB ddr2 (Overclocked to Core:680 Memory: 520)

Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit

160GB 5400RPM Hdd

I currently play Crysis on High (with Objects, Shaders and Shadows on Medium) with 25fps+ at all times. It looks good and is really smooth.

I wanna be able to push shaders up to High with 20fps+ in most situations. (1024x768)

Im using OMEGA 169.25 drivers. As I said, Ive overclocked to Core:680 Memory: 520 quite easily (100% stable)

I'm using the Crysis v1.2 patch also. :)

I need some other ideas how to increase my performance up a little so I can try the shaders on High.

Any suggestions on how to increase my performance is welcome and needed. :)

Ps. Im using AVG Free 7.5 antivirus which is disabled while playing. My sidebar is also disabled + I have nothing running in the background.

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try under voltage ur processor, this will reduce alot temperature, than u can attempt high OC 4 ur graphic card :) 4 more info Google cheers!

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