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Turn off the monitor when I close the lid

Guest Ziruela

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Guest Ziruela

I am using the LV2G drivers on my Dell 1505 (Geforce 7300), and I can't get the monitor to turn off when i close the lid. (there's no such option in the "when i close the lid..." menu)


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I second this. I am using a Dell Vostro 1500 and the display power does not turn off when I close the lid. It should. I have even tried looking through the INF for the dell drivers to see what makes the display go off, and I think I found it, but copying it to the new INF does nothing

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Nvidia hasn't ever supported this very well. They've always used a "LidBehavior" switch that, as far as I can tell, hasn't worked since the 60 series drivers (or maybe it was the 70 series). It seems to have relied on a Windows feature that was removed with Service Pack 2 of Windows XP.

But there was a workaround for XPSP2. You could create a registry entry called, "LidCloseSetPower" that had the effect of turning off the LCD when you closed a laptop's lid. Even though it was a Windows key, not an nVidia one, it's been part of our infs pretty much from the time we created this site. As you've noticed, it no longer works in the post-100 series drivers. At least not consistently.

Microsoft and Nvidia don't seem to get it. Microsoft would prefer that you use the option to place the laptop in standby when you close the lid, but this doesn't work when you just want to close the lid for privacy, or during long tasks.

Nvidia seems to have bowed out of this particuilar game entirely.

The closest I've come to a solution is to use the Windows Control Panel's power settings to shut off the screen after one minute of inactivity. It's not immediate, but at least it does go off and stay off after a bit. And if you accidently bump your mouse, you know the screen will shut off again after a minute.

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