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I wanted to register today…


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I wanted to register today and encountered a few oddities...

I still have the following unanswered questions:

What is a Subsys_id and why should I enter it?

Why should I enter my Bios version and all the other stuff?

In a nutshell, we sincerely request that you enter all the information required during the forum registration to further help us in our ongoing attempt to complete our overview of the Nvidia hardware currently available in the market ? which lastly helps us help you.

That pertains mainly to the entries:

-> Video Device ID,

-> System Subsys ID, as well as

-> Video BIOS Version & Date.

New, unknown Device or Subsys IDs are an indication, that our 'modded' INFs must be expanded, to support the newly discovered hardware. The Video BIOS, should it be new to us, would be included in the site collection where it would be available for download by other users.

Both of the System BIOS entries should also help us to keep up with the newest BIOS versions.

All of the information can be found quite easily through the system?s own registry editor. Going from Start>Execute? followed by the entry of ?regedit? and OK, the system tool is started.

First we select the following entry, in the same manner as with the Explorer:


Here we find both the System and Video BIOS information. The version values themselves are entered without the ?Version? text. For the System BIOS only the last element is entered, and thus from ?Version 1.10 A13? only ?A13? is entered. Be a bit careful with the dates, since they are formatted as MM/DD/YY.

Then we continue on to:


There we click on the ?+? next to ?Devices? to open this folder. There you?ll find an entry similar to the following:

VEN_10DE&DEV_ 0174 &SUBSYS_ 00D51028 &REV_A4&INST00

The first highlighted value is the Video Device ID, the second the System Subsys ID.

It?s that simple!

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Hi! Im trying to find my Subsys but i dont have the folder "devices" under NVTweak, what could be the problem?

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Check the Windows DeviceManager, open the vga card, then details and then HardwareIDs.

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Guest kebishop31

I tried to register today but I kept getting failure at Challenge question. I even copied the examples and they did not work. not sure how to do this???

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Guest doobie

im so glad im either not so smart but at least im not alone or its broken :) could be something totally different, i wouldn't know..

I thought it was a long list of answers all marked with * but that took a few minutes tops.. this challenge thingy has been bugging me for way longer..

meh *twiddles tumbs* please let there be someone nearby who can fix it real quick :)

regards me

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