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Linux: The Beginners Guide


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A few months ago I was in a Technical Writing class at my local University. As part of the class we had to write some type of guide or brochure that could help both an organization and the public. Most people in the class choose to help out the red cross or homeless shelters making a brochure. Rather I spent my time writing a complete beginners guide on linux for Techwarelabs. So on the following 15 pages, you will hopefully see everything you want to know and maybe a little more. But do keep in mind this is a beginners guide, I will not be covering any technical problems.

Problem: Finding a New Operating System

Techwarelabs is a site that is dedicated to reviewing current computer technology for the public. One of the many services they give is extensive instructions on various products and software reviewed on the web site.

Many people on the internet are looking for a new way to view and use these products. In order to do this, computer users everywhere are starting to switch to an operating system known as Linux. Too many complaints from Windows users have caused a new trend in wanting to find a new operating system. The only problem is most people don?t know how to find an alternative to Windows, and then use it.

Several web sites have tried to create guides for people to install Linux on computers successfully. These online guides are created by computer gurus who produce bland and complex guides that are difficult for the average user to understand. Many of the guides are text based with little or no visual aid to help the user install and use Linux. There is yet to be a web site with the information on how to get a computer on Linux easily and with no questions asked.

Linux: The Beginners Guide

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I somewhat disagree with his Linux suggestions. IMO Slackware is possibly the absolute easiest to install and FreeBSD is not Linux. FreeBSD is a BSD based system. The only edge Ubuntu has is a ton of fanboys promoting it like mad.

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