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My Review of My Dell Vostro 1500


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I bought my Dell Vostro 1500 in October 2007.

I live in Australia, Melbourne and the computer at home was getting to slow and old for my liking, don't get me wrong it?s still alright, but sharing it is also what i cant stand. So i got my delly!

Our car insurance company was offering discounts at 10% for this line of laptops so hey I thought what the heck. Jumped on the dell site, made a few phone calls and the order was in, so I played the waiting game.

Took about a week to come through but once it got here I was the happiest person in the world!

I got:

Processor: IntelĀ® Core?2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), 4MB Cache, 800MHz FSB

Memory: 2GB RAM (2x1024MB) 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

Hard Drive: 160 GB SATA 7200RPM Performance HDD

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT - 256MB Dedicated

Monitor: 15.4" Ultrasharp Truelife (1680x1050) LCD monitor

Wireless: Intel Wireless N card (Including Dell?s WiFi catcher)

Battery: 9 Cell Lithium-Ion

Optical Drive: 8x DVD Burner with Double Layer capability

Bluetooth: Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Internal (2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate)

Operating System: Windows XP Home SP2


I was very happy with myself.


Upon unpacking the Vostro 1500 and first handling it, I was impressed by the build. Upon picking up the system, it?s clear the computer is very sturdy and will hold up over time. Unfortunately, the side effect of this build quality is the heaviness and size. This machine is a beast. This laptop is super fast, and should not be judged by its basic appearance (Yes now it might not be the fastest) but I still drags eyes at school. Able to play all the new games like Crysis on Medium settings at 1280x800 I am pleased with aswell.

Looking at the Inspiron range however, I discovered it was literally an Inspiron with a black paint job, with the same gizmos inside.


As I said, this computer is faster than it looks. The New Core 2 Duo amazed me and the graphics even more. Only downside is the heat that is generated when they are working hard, having it on your lap while playing a game isn?t comfortable but also doesn?t help the laptop discharge the heat. However, it is quiet! Yes! It?s quiet! Even when the fan is on full blast its only a strong whisper.


Keyboard and pad are very comfortable to use, though after using it for about 8 months now I have noticed the KB is starting to wear down, but hardly noticeable. Mouse pad I am very happy with it has a nice and consistent feel.

Battery life with the 9 cell is excellent, when the screen is on half brightness and only doing word processing and so forth you get approximately 6 ? 7 hours, but I have never drained the battery before because Li-On cells like to be fully charged so they last in the long haul.

I bought this laptop with XP because I hadn?t been hearing nice stories about vista. My friend gave me it to try, and... I LOVED IT! I now have vista ultimate 32 bit and I think it is great.


When I bought this laptop as I said we only had one computer in the house and the

Internet was only on the one computer, so I went out and bought myself a Linksys WRT-150N Wireless N Router. Complements to the wireless n card I get speeds of 130mbs+ (max 300) which is handy when streaming video from our HD Hard disk recorder.

The only 2 Cons:

Dell doesn?t have 64bit drivers

Not too portable

Overall rating 9 / 10

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