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MXM structure in Acer Aspire 5920 system BIOS


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There would seem to be a proper MXM Structure available in some Acer Aspire 5920 system BIOS revisions (with the "ZD1" changes). The change log listed at

http://www.notebookforum.at/t17121-fakten-...pire-5920g.html notes the addition of "nVidia VGA MXM structure and call-back function 5f80h to support new vga bios" .

Whilst the 5920 with these system BIOS revisions would be of interest to anyone looking for a reference for the int15h function 5f80h system BIOS call, I see that this might be an indication that the VBIOS of future 5920 etc MXM cards might actually use the int15h approach.

:) Such an approach may mean that future VBIOS files for new Acer MXM cards might not be so readily used for less MXM compliant systems such as the Aspire 5520 - unless a similar system BIOS change adding the int15 MXM call is made available.

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Hi does it mean that GF 9650m GS (if it's MXMII structure) from Acer 8920G will be incompatible with 5920G??

I see the MXM BIOS support in the 5920 as good news (for 5920 owners) as it makes it more consistent with the MXM spec... therefore it may have more likelihood of working with newer cards like the one you listed. My concern is around the 5520 which doesn't seem to have had this support added and our current reliance on the 5920's VBIOS to upgrade the 5520 to newer cards.

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i wish they extend the changes to other mxm laptops as well, chinese people have this project to transfer 4520 vga bios module to 4710 via phoenix bios editor, but they are not successful till now

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