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Laptop overheat ! DRIVER outdated?


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My Toshiba Laptop is overheating many times and switched off when i play certain games.

I suspect it is because my driver is not up to date

any suggestions?

my current driver is 73.40

please assit


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Guest Guest

More likely its the fan intake ports, fan and cooling fins on the heat pipe clogged with dust bunnys, fuzzys or what ever you want to call it. I'm not familiar with that laptop so I cant say for sure but you should be able to access these things from the bottom panel/panels for cleaning. As for the driver.. yeah I would update that but I dont think its your heat problem. Hopefully someone with the same notebook will say what driver works best for them. If not try a 167.xx or 174.xx driver with good feedback in the forums here and use the modded INF provided for that driver. How to do this is in the FAQ on this site.

Besides keeping those things I mentioned free of debris I use a black PVC coated wire shelf storage stacker to keep the notebook off my lap when sitting in a recliner or on a sofa. this allows plenty of air circulation around all vents and raises the laptop up to a more comfortable level when sitting without a desk or table. The one I use is about 8" high 12" deep and 18" wide. this works well with both my 15" and 17" notebooks. Found mine at walmart for about 5 bucks. Click HERE to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

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it has nothing to do with the drivers i think,

make sure that your fans inlet and outlet are not blocked or dusty, i hover them out from time to time cuz they get blocked

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That's the problem!!! and i have solved it now


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