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8400M GS - Subsys 30cc103c

Guest MaxX

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Guest MaxX

This is the subsys of my 8400M, the dev is the usually standard 0427. For the life of me, I can't find a single driver anywhere on the net that supports this subsys.

The laptop is an HP pavillion 6568SE, running XP 32-bit, so naturally HP doesn't have any xp drivers for my laptop.

I've exhausted every known resource for a single driver that supports my perticular subsys, I've even found drivers that are a single letter off.

This wouldn't be such a big issue if programs that used openGL didn't give a "version mismatch" error and refuse to open when I apply the newest available drivers on this site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, or maybe an ammendment to the revised INF files.

Thanks in advance.


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Guest Guest


You must patch the NVIDIA installer.

I got a DV6560el and i have your same trouble...

  • Download lastest nvidia driver (185.85)
  • Download INF Editor v1.0

  • Find "My Computer->Properties->Hardware..."
  • find the nvidia graphics card from device list.
  • Double click on nvidia Geforce card and select details
  • note the value VEN_xxxx DEV_xxxx and SUBSYS_xxxxxxxx
  • ( i got PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0427&SUBSYS_30CC103C....)

  • Try to install nvidia drivers...
  • Browse "C:\NVIDIA\WINXP\185.85\IS\Display"
  • Use INF Editor to modify nvac.cat: (or another one you want)
  • find one of the VEN_xxxx&DEV_xxxx
  • and sobstitute the SUBSYS int the file with the SUSBYS you note before...

Run C:\NVIDIA\WINXP\185.85\Setup" and enjoy

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