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ASUS w/ nVidia 9500m GS


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I just purchased a ASUS M51SN-X2 with an nVidia 9500M GS with 512MB of VRAM and when I installed Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, it gave me an error saying that my current graphics driver is known to have issues with thier software.

I checked out your video drivers section to see if I could find a video driver that would work with my card, but I didnt see anything.

:) How can I get an updated driver (ASUS doesn't have any as of now) that I can use for this game?

My specs are as below:

Vista Home Premium 32-Bit

Intel Core2 Duo T8300 @ 2.4Ghz



nVidia 9500M GS w/ 512MB VRAM

I would really appreciate anyone who can lead me in the right direction so I can play this game and others. Thank you for your time.


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download 175.16 and modded inf to be able to install.

follow the guides found in the sig.

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Thanks! I will give it a shot! Much Appreciated!

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Where is that driver? I dont see it anywhere listed on the website here.

175.16??? The drivers here only go upto 169.xxx.

**EDIT** Found the driver (offical nVidia Page)...but where is the "modded INF" that I need? Which one should I get?

***EDIT*** I finally found everything. Here is the direct link to the Driver pack and Modded INF by LV2G.com for anybody else in the future who might need this. Hope this helps.


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