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Drivers Needed, nvidia GeForce 7150m


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someone recently told me to ensure better performance for your lappy you should update your drivers. i bought my laptop few months ago and i havent updated any drivers ... just done the regular updated that the manufacturers web site send in my case hp. i just do the hp updates that come and tell me update is abailable nothing else . i have a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M graphics card that run on a 2 gb ram operating system is windows vista 32 bit. I ran for the free drivers scan and these came up, but when i clicked to download i had to pay, so i came to this site but i'm not sure which drivers to download from the main page .... very confusing for a noob/first time user . PLEASE HELP ME , and tell me if its necessary for me to get these updates , if do which drivers do i have to install. here are 2 caps that show which one i need but the code language on the main page is completely different. Im just really confused and don't know what to do please help... when i go to hp site it doesn't help me



Pleaseeeee help mee

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Well, your program is telling you that the video drivers are already up to date. Unless you have problems, I would not recommend upgrading. I also recommend against using programs like that Driver Agent thing. They, from what I have seen, do not work very well. Besides, I would not want any "free" program installed on my PC that wants me to pay to do things...

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