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Crysis- could my Pc handle it better? Which graphicsettings are important?


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Hello! Now, I'm also one of the happy Crysis-Gamers :) (the banana- best smiley in the world^^)

Ok- I'm browsing through several system- requirement threads till now- and i come to the conclusion, that my laptop get done with crysis very well.

I've got the Toshiba Satego X200-21L ( identical with the Satellite X205, except the display-resolution: http://de.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi...353&tab=1#1 )

Yes, and I could play Crysis on "middle" (everything) with a maximum display resolution of 1440x900 very well, and everything seems very nice. But my question is, if i could be proud of my Laptop, or could i improve something- so got anyone of you a similiar system and plays crysis with higher settings?

And also which graphicsettings could I improve, who are very important for a goog looking and who don't need to much resources?

Sry for my bad english- it's sunday^^

THANK YOU !!! :)

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there is no quick answer im afraid.

basically look at tweakguides.com

in particular: http://www.tweakguides.com/Crysis_1.html

i spent a good week messin with crysis and it would be VERY long for me to go through with you what i did to optimize crysis plus it ws for my hardware so it wouldnt work as well for you.

spend sometime reading the guide and answer the questions from that.

from the guide i was able to get a very high look without the performance hit.





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T - H - X :)

(ehem...veeeery nice guide to tweak Crysis-but do you know something like that in German?

(My english is not so bad i think, but THIS tweakguid is way to long...)

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