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Flashing GFX bios


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Why would you want to do that?

What does it do?

What can you do with it?

Just a couple of questions :)


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I did it with my Amilo because the old bios didn't work with newer drivers at full speed. I also tried overclocked bios to test if I could get more speed than overclocking by drivers. But the result was the same, so I reverted back to default speed and overclocked via drivers. But if your bios is locked by default, your only option to overclock is to flash with an overclocked bios. Somewhat risky.

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Ah okay. thanks a lot for the reply :) so flashing the bios is basically just another way to OC your GFX. :)

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Yes, it is pretty much a permenant OC, but you CAN set throttle rates, and 2D rates, like I have done to mine. It means you can use the latest drivers, with no OC problems like other users are having.

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