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DirectX June Update


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Microsoft have released a June update for DirectX.

It is recommended that all users update to this.


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Sorry, probably a dumb question, but should Vista users do this as well, even though it is for DirectX 9.0c? (and not DX 10)

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Not a dumb question, I've always wondered why they only list 9.0c while there are version 10 components included. I can tell you it's applicable to vista users, I just think someone isn't updating the description right or something... anyone with a real explanation please speak up! :)


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I have vista on my m1730 with directx10... while trying to run a certain application ( think it was the physx demo, but I cant remember ) it said it could not run unless directx9.0c or better was installed.. I did not understand this because I had directx10.. I went ahead and did this update and the program ran fine..

(Reason I do not remember all the details is because I installed 3 different Os's on this laptop around 3 times each trying different raid setups, different dual boot configs etc.. XP Pro, Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit )

but it did help even though I had directx10

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DirectX versions are not backwards or forwards compatible under any circumstances. While DirectX 10 is Vista only, older versions of DirectX are thankfully still supported in Vista. If Vista did not support them, you would not be able to run games requiring DirectX 9 and earlier. In fact, nothing in Vista requires DirectX 10. It all targets DirectX 9. All the Aero Glass effects still work on graphics cards not supporting DirectX 10.

So, it is technically possible to have the latest DirectX 10 components but not the latest DirectX 9 components, because they are two different products, both continually receiving updates from Microsoft. And all things DirectX 9 still apply 100% to Vista.

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