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Trouble finding correct drive for quadro fx go 1400


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I have a nVidia Quadro FX Go 1400 and am having trouble identifying which category it falls under for a modded inf file and driver. I looked under the Quadro series for 80's (87.25 if I remember correctly) and above but later found ForceWare X 156.87 for Windows XP/2K 32bit and was not sure which to use. I see categories for geForce FX and quadro but neither containting quadro fx go.... Both drivers previously support my card. I looked at Bills Driver recommendations and also LV2Go Recommended Drivers but it didn't really seem to help. I also read the rules and not asking about the best driver but I need to know which category or driver is currently the newest. Looking to maximize my video card for gaming. If I killed any kittens I apologize.

Running windows xp



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I would try the driver on Dell's support site

Video: nVidia Quadro FX Go 1400, Driver, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Multi Language, Precision M70, v.84.30, A07

Dell FX GO 1400 driver

Great! I didn't even see this update from dell. I checked nVidia but not Dell.

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with the modified Inf


supports about everything, incl go1400 and the Vista version worked quite well for me.

Worth trying.

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I've tried 169.96, 176.04 & 178.26 all on Vista...seems like 169.96 runs cooler than others, and 176.04 runs hotter than others, even though it's touted as a Mobile driver...

Any one else care to install the above three on an M70 & post their results?


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178.13 with modded inf is a good one to try.

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