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Help with tweaks for Age of Conan?


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Hey guys,

Ok, so I'm gonna TRY to not make this quite a "What Driver Should I Use" post, and expand it a little to include some other questions you guys might be able to help me with. Basic situation is this: Runnin a Dell Inspiron E1705, 2G RAM, Core 2 Duo 1.87Ghz, Go 7900 GS on Vista 32. It's been absolutely awesome with most games I throw at it until I bought Age of Conan. I know I'm only runnin low-mid range on the specs for this game, but I figured I'd be able to run it at least on low setting somewhat smoothly, I was wrong. I'm getting 5-6 FPS with every video setting off or low. It did give me a popup saying my GPU drivers were old, so I came over here and got 175.80, but these drivers made things worse, not only in AoC, but in all my other games too. So I guess my questions are:

a.) Anyone have a suggestion for a driver that works well with Age of Conan and Go 7900GS? (I'm sorry, i don't know how else to ask it)

b.) I'm not currently overclocking anything, what would be the best tweaks to use with this system? I've heard I can flash my GPU bios with a GTX bios, stuff like that. Is it worth it?

c.) Is anyone currently playing this game on a similar system with any luck?

I'm not shooting for a miracle, I know I'm not gonna be able to run it at max with 50 FPS on my machine, but I was at least hoping to get 20-25 FPS on low settings. If not, Funcom was EXTREMELY liberal with the "Minimum" system reqs.

Thanks for Any Help!

Just realized I should have posted this in Gaming, could someone please move it there?

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Guest Guest

low-medium settings are broken. Put it on high, turn off shadow & grass and switch to shader 2.0.

Core 2 Duo E4500 @2.4ghz

2GB DDR2 533

8600M GT DDR2 @515/1460/520

Vista X64 with FW 175.16 @1680x1050

I'm getting 15~35 FPS everywhere.

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Hi.. I was having the same problem on my old driver (97.xx), along with a couple of BSODs. Everything was fixed when I updated to 169.09, and I'm able to run it somewhat smoothly (16-20fps) on high config with reduced particle distance and quality and shadows only on characters.

Relevant hardware:

Intel Core2Duo @ 1,83GHz

2048MB RAM @ 667MHz

Go7600 with 256MB GDDR2 RAM


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