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SLI issues with toshiba x205-sli1 notebook


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I have now attached a jpg image of a snapshop of my gpu information from the latest gpu software from this site, hopefully this tells you more about my system

I have tried many drivers from laptopvideo2go

and currently am using 167.45 which shows to be the most current one for 32bit vista.

anytime i enable sli in games like Grid, mass effect, callofduty4, pretty much anything, frame rates drop to unthinkable levels, even the menus of the games when you start the game up move sluggishly slow and I simply cant ever use sli

I download the modded driver, and the fixed inf file or whatever it is, open up and explore the exe file that downloads, replace the original inf file with the modded one and update the driver, it shows in device manager that the new driver is installed whenever i do it, but I never get good performance in sli, never.

I have had this notebook for over 6 months now and am extremely depressed about this. I really dont know what to do and cant ever seem to find someone that has the time to sit and walk me through some things as I am sure there is a fix for this but for the life of me i have no idea what it is.

I have read lots of forums and am pretty good with computers in general but this sli has me stumped very badly

i have vista 32bit home premium

bios version is 2.3 and its date is 2/12/2008

the laptop is a toshiba x205-sli1, with 2 8600m GT cards with 2 gig of installed memory and a 2ghz dual core processor

I probably havn't ever tried uninstalling old drivers as I dont know how for sure, but when I do install and try a new one, it always shows the new one under device manager so it appears that it has loaded correctly.

When I am not in sli mode, the notebook works pretty good but not good enough to have very high settings on anything which is definately not why I purchased this notebook

when i install the drivers, I am just running the exe file, and it seems to install fine without errors or issues,

I also have tried updating my directx runtime but when i run the exe update program I always get this error about some cabinet file missing and make sure that cartogrphic services is enabled, which I have checked and it is, but I have no idea how to fix this cabinet file issue, many on the internet have posted about having that issue but I havent seem to have found the solution for that, I have directx10, but cant seem to figure out how to tell exactly which version or date of release of it i have, I have went into dxdiag, but cant seem to find that exact information anywhere

I also cant find my video bios information, i saw a link here in the forums that led me to a download for a program that might give me that information but when i click to download the file, it says it's downloading but it never downloads, it just sits there and keeps saying "downloading", I know that I am using the driver 167.45 from this site, but not sure about the "bios" part of it, I'm not that familiar with that.


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Hey did you try following my SLi guide which Grey posted? There are links to numerous drivers (174.74 and the XG175.63) which should help you out.

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what stone said,

also trying googling your error message for the directX install and see if theres a fix or workaround for it.

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Guest jacob

I have the same system as you. right now I 'm running the 175.19 drivers and getting 7555 with 3dmark06 basic version. Here's what I think might help. Go to control panel>device manager>display adapters>right click the card>properties>driver tab>uninstall. Then run driver sweeper, it a free download google it. then search for 174.31 drivers which can be found here on laptopvideo2go and install those. I used the have disk method. you can look up that method on this site too. then when you do that enable Sli on the nvidia control panel after you reboot and you should get at 7100-7200 on your 3dmark score and awesome performance on your games. Good luck.

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