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Problems w Multiple Display


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Hello everyone... This site was recommended by an nVidia tech, keep up the good work!

I am having issues setting up dual-monitor support for this Qozmio G20 - XG6 (nVidia Go 6600 card).

Essentially, the drivers that come with the system do not support custom displays, and the monitor that I want to push out to has optimal settings of 1680x1050. Hence this search led me to your site. I then installed 175.12 with the modded inf (which worked fine with the solo display) and plugged in the second monitor, a Samsung 226BW, using the analog plug-in. Using the nVidia control panel, I extended my desktop to this monitor, only to see VERY limited picture, essentially just a shadow of the mouse. Whenever I right click on the extended desktop, the monitor goes completely blank for about 10 seconds. I tried a variety of resolutions, cloning the display, extending it as well as primary. Anytime I switch to primary, I lose all display as it goes to a completely black screen.

The drivers for the monitor are up to date and are being properly detected by the nVidia control panel.

The monitor itself works just fine, whenever I plug it into my other laptop, it works. Prior to installing these drivers, it was functional, but limited in resolution displays.

I have added a screenshot of the nVidia control panel, although the SS displays properly, I assure you that my actual monitor display shows complete darkness whenever there is a window engaging the monitor. When I slide the window off the monitor, the limited 'shadow' resolution is restored.... (until I right-click or engage the display)

So, that's where I'm at. I am going to try a few different drivers (starting with version 16745) and see if that helps. Any additional tips would be greatly appreciated!


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I have since tried installing a few drivers, namely v163.67 and v158.18 .... They don't seem to be installing correctly as upon reboot, I am still using Standard VGA Drivers.

To install, I am copying the modded INF into the appropriate folder and running the setup.

Any ideas?

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When you downgrade your drivers, are you using Driver Sweeper or an equivalent? Your secondary problem sounds like that kind of error. As for the first problem, I once had a 6600 card which would require the system to reboot before it could use an external monitor. I assume you have rebooted?

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