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TV Out doesn't work with drivers with the new control panel


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Hi guys,

I'm seeking for help because I couldn't find anywhere how to fix this problem.

I've upgraded my video card from a GeForce 7300Le to a XFX GeForce 8800GT Alphadog 256mb but now I just can't find a way for the TV Out Work

with the older vga I was having trouble with newer drivers, but with the older ones it was OK. Now with the new card the older drivers won't even install :/

I have a old CRT Philips TV (29" - dunno the exact model) and I'd really apreciate some help.


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older drivers that worked with your 7300LE wont install for the 8800GT wont install because the driver is outdated and doesnt support that card.

you can grab the latest 175.19 driver from nvidia's download page for you Operating system.

Hopefully it will fix your problem.


congrats on the upgrade :)

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Dox is right about upgrading the drivers. The trick to get TV-out working is a little bit more complicated, however. I will assume that you are connecting the TV to the graphics card using either an S-video cable or an S-video to Composite (RCA) adapter cable. In either of these cases, a bug in the Nvidia driver can prevent TV-out from working properly. There are two possible workarounds to this problem. To execute the first, you must be running Windows XP. If you use Vista, then the second workaround is the only option. First, you must enable the old-style Nvidia control panel using this registry entry. Then, you may access the old control panel and select the multiple display page. On this page, select the option to enable TV-out, but before you apply the settings, right-click on the TV icon and go to the Advanced option on the menu. On the screen that appears, select "S-video" as the output format. Then, apply the settings on both pages. The TV-out should now work. The disadvantage of this method, however, is that the setting is not remember across a system reboot. The other possible workaround fixes this problem. To make the TV work automatically on reboot, you must insert a short, very thin strand of copper wire into the top two pins on the S-video port before you plug in the cable. This will trick the card into recognizing that a TV is connected, and TV-out can then be enabled using the standard new control panel method. I hope you get this thing to work!

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