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GeForceGo 7300 Driver Recommendation


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I know there are probably several threads around about this, but I really haven't found an answer that works too well. I've tried about half a dozen different drivers as of late, and I've had very little luck getting solid performance from my laptop's video card. Specs are:

Toshiba Satellite A100

Intell T2500 @ 2.00 Ghz

2048 MB DDR2 667

GeforceGo 7300 w/ 256MB Turbocache

->Current Driver: 174.31 w/ modded inf from here

(If you need anymore stats, I can provide them)

General performance is pretty bad, can't run many games very well. Overlord runs at about 2-4 fps, World of Warcraft hovers around 12-15 fps with low settings on everything. Powermizer didn't work (the screen was available, but moving the bars didn't do anything, they just went back to previous settings even if the "Apply" button was pressed) in the previous drivers I was using (I think they were 16xxx, but I can't remember), no powermizer controls here in 174.31.

I know it's a relatively poor thread to open, but I really need some help here. Toshiba stopped supporting XP drivers, and I don't have the money to buy another copy of Vista. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried the 177.xx series or the 175.xx series?

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