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Many many many questions

Sir Joe

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Ok, I am novice,sorry.

I have a notebook, Dell XPS 1530, with Nvidia 8600M GT card.

I do not play games, nor I do hard graphic works, I just would like to have the best graphics performances, and no issues if possible.

So, let me ask some questions:

1) if I understood well, 169 is not for notebook, but it works better than 167? I am confused.

2) about 167, the 45 is newer, the 43 is whql. What is whql? Is something with less performances but more stable? What should I choose?

3) some drivers has got a separate "inf" at their side, to download separately. Is this inf the "modded" inf which someone told me to choose? I do not know the meaning of "modded" in english. It is a modified inf to improove performances? Do I need it? If I am not a gamer, what should I do best?

4) if 167 is oem, does this mean that there are many 167 for each notebook or manufacturer, and each is good for that notebok and not for another? Or I can just download the one here and stop worrying? :)


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If I were you, I would just use the 177.xx series. These drivers often bring speed improvements over previous versions, and they are also compatible with mobile GPUs. (Using Pieter's INF, of course)

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if gaming or hard graphics bother you then why want the best performance????

it be best to stick to the defualt driver from dell in that case.

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To be honest I have to agree with Dox, stay with the factory drivers or the drivers you can download from your manufacturer.

It's the safest and most stable way to go if you don't need high to extreme performances.

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download 169.09 driver from laptopvideo2go.com with the modded inf file, it is awesome

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