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Acer Aspire 7520 - poor Aero performance!


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Hi all, first time poster on here!

Was google-ing for my problem and managed to stumble across this very interesting looking concept of Laptop display drivers.

Anyway, I bought an Acer Aspire 7520 laptop last week. First off, I best mention I know it is a budget laptop - I didn't get it to play the latest games etc, but I did expect a machine with a dual-core CPU and Nvidia graphics would be able to handle Aero fairly well. But Aero runs really badly, very jerky, and I'm wondering if someone on here could give me some advice on how to get more out of the graphics on this laptop?

My Vista base score is shown on this pic:


As you can see, my graphics let me down big time!

Any info would be great!


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well... try some drivers from this site.


check out that link, and try out a few and see if they help. My guess is yes they will.



174.93 or

175.80 or


1) Download driver and modified inf file.

2) Extract the driver to a folder,

3) Copy the 'modified inf' file to that folder, replacing existing one.

4) Run setup.

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Thanks for the response!

I've tried a few of those drivers and don't see much improvements in my scores (though is there any particular drive you recommend? I may not have tried it yet)

Also, as I've never had a laptop before, I have no idea whether this poor performance is how it should be, if that makes any sense? i.e - maybe those scores generated by Vista for my Aero graphics are the best I can expect with this laptop? I have no idea!

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your gpu is downclocking and hence cause stutering on vista.

you can disable that downclocking and gain a more responsive aero experience by following this guide: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=19134

Hmm this sounds interesting. Is this safe to do then? Also, can I make it happen so it only does this "downclocking" when I'm running off the battery?


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Yes. The PerfLevelSrc value of 3322 does this.

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I can't find the powermizer in the registry editor, so does my laptop has this feature? How do know if y laptop has this powermizer or not? I am also using a budget laptop, compaq V3715AU.

It has AMD turion x 2 processor and geforce 7150 for display, and the chipset is nforce 630.

My Vista Aero only runs smoothly when i have 2 to 3 dialogue boxes or programs on screen, more than that, the animation appears to be lagging. Vista screen savers like "bubbles" and "windows energy" are not as good either.

My Windows experience index base score is 2.5 too, for 3D business and gaming graphics

I have tried some games with it, Half-life 2 runs smoothly with moderate settings eg : 800x600 resolution, simple reflection, medium quality model and texture -detail. Which brings out more question, if I can run half-life 2, not able to run Halo on resolution above 640x480 is just weird. Mini games that can be downloaded from MSN games just can't work well, whenever the screen get filled with alot of object, the animation just lag, just like the poor aero performance.

Is there any way to fix this issue, or this is just the way it suppose to perform.

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I think the 7 series integrated graphics have Powermizer...

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