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how upgrade asus geforce 8400m g to 8600gt 512mb?


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when i want upgrade my asus z99sc [A8 Series] graphic card 8400m g to another graphic cards, i find that my asus laptop graphic card have a litter bit difference to other. i want find a geforce 8600m gt OR OTHER to replace my geforce 8400m g. anyone know where i can buy a same spec geforce 8600m gt OR OTHER like my geforce 8400m g to replace my laptop. thanks you...

left is my asus geforce 8400m g graphic card and right is geforce 7950gtx that i buy it from ebay but not compatible with my laptop. try see the GOLD FINGER for ASUS is start from right to left[YELLOW] but normally is start from left to right[GREEN]. i already search many source but all graphic card are not compatible with my laptop because ALL the gold finger is start from left to right but my laptop graphic is start from right to left. anyone know where i can buy same spec so that i can fit it into my asus laptop. THANK YOU FOR ALL!



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you must have gotten smth wrong.really wrong.From the pictures,i see that the size is almost double!This means that you bought a non-compliant type MXM card.Your laptop supports MXM-I/II i think (correct me) and this card looks like MXM-III/IV-HE!You should have known from the beginning that god himself would not be able to fit that card in your laptop.next time, know what ur doing before you stupidly spend money cause it's a shame.Now,to the point.your laptop should support 8600M GS/GT and MAYBE 8700M GT.In the same way you can buy 9500m gs and 9650m gt.Visit www.mxm-upgrade.com.You'll find a lot of help there.Now i have one question for you.I have an asus a7s so i might be able to upgrade something also.Was the disassembly part difficult?coz i see that you have "extracted" ur gpu.Good luck!

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It's not that simple. The bigger problem is that the original card is the "flipped" version. Look at the arrangement of the GPU and the connector. The whole card is upside down, unlike the "genuine" MXM type II cards. If you insert a 8600M GS or GT card, you will have a serious problem, because the GPU will be on the opposite side than the heatpad. I saw an article about the new Asus F8 series notebooks, they applied Mobility Radeon HD 3650 which looks like the same arrangement as your 8400M.

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