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Well, I can't tell you how many times I've been to Google/Yahoo (MSN sucks, but I tried it anyway) and looked for solutions to my problem. Each and every time I searched I only got disappointment when the fix did not work. Well, I want to ask you guys seeing as this would be the best place to seek advice (as my problem is most likely video card/driver or some other driver related issue).

Note: I use FRAPS if anyone needs some more info.

To the point: When I play Halo 2 and only when I play it, I get severe mouse lag. I move my mouse and 1-2 sec later the cursor/cross-hair moves. However, this only occurs when my computer is running at 24-15 fps (which is most of the time >.>). At 25 and above, it works fine (like a 250-500 ms mouse lag but it's playable and I can actually use a sniper, although I would like virtually no lag). I also use the option where you set Halo 2 to run in a window and change the exe properties to run at 640x480 resolution. All the graphics options are on low (I think manually editing them might help fix the problem but I don't know how to do that). Also, when I access the menu at any time, my FPS drops down to at least 17 and although the cursor moves with no lag, the options get highlighted 1-2 sec later. Help me plz :)

I've tried disabling and enabling VSYNC and I have the Additional Frames to Render Ahead option set to 0. I've also tried setting the process affinity to one processor but that didn't help any (it actually made the menu slower). I've uninstalled all mouse drivers so that Windows uses its native driver. I think I tried installing older video drivers that might be more compatible but I think that only crashed Vista (weird O.o). I've also switched between a wireless mouse (Microsoft Intellimouse Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0) and a corded Dell mouse that uses a laser (it's buttons are silver with a gray body, the mouse wheel is gray with their insignia below the buttons in a silver color: just in case you can figure out what mouse it is XD).

Without further ado, here are my computer specs:

HP Pavilion dv6353us (RV020UA#ABA)

DEV_ID: 0244

AMD Turion 64 X2 (Dual-core) 2.0GHz. (Overclocked to 2.33GHz)

160 GB HDD (149 in reality) with Windows Vista on 1st 20 GB (4 GB free space) partition and XP SP3 (hacked 5508 (RC2) build) on 2nd 129 GB Partition

Seiko Monitor with 1280x800 max and native resolution

nForce Go 430

nVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (128 mb dedicated) with 425.00 MHz native core clock and 666/0 MHz Mem Clock (dunno what the 0 is about but that's what ATITool, -->SYSTool, and NVIDIA Control Panel say). Overclocked to 563.33 MHz core and 779.15 mem (I get about a 10 fps improvement =D)

Also the NERD output file didn't get to the monitor test (Windows Vista issue I guess).

EDIT: I am using the NVIDIA 177.66 ForceWare Drivers (167.58 on XP) and DirectX is completely updated (June 2008) on both OSes.


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Well, recording a video with FRAPS while playing fixes this problem. The only problem with this solution is that my fps drops like 6-8 fps and that the video literally consumes space the longer I play. I hope this helps =D.

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Guest gruffiki

Apparently so. Every single game I play lags like that on my Desktop. It does go away while I record a video of a game in FRAPS. And it has no impact on my Q6600 quad core processor.

The problem always seems to associate with nVidia GPUs, because I can play GTA: San Andreas on an Intel 915GM with NO LAG whatsoever. No need for FRAPS.

I'll be adding a new graphics card to my Desktop very soon, except it will be a decent ATI card. In the meantime, there must be some other program out there which may help to reduce lag and achieve constant frame rates. I will not buy anything with nVidia ever again.

Desktop Specs:

Packard Bell iMedia X2415

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.44GHz


nVidia GeForce 7050 / nVidia nForfce 610i (Uses system RAM for video memory, Max of 1407MB)

500GB HDD (Vista on 480, 20GB allocated to Ubuntu 8.04)

1440x900 LCD Monitor at native resolution

Laptop Specs:

Acer Aspire 3610

Intel Celeron 370 @ 1.5GHz


Intel 915GM

40GB HDD (Windows Vista)

1280x800 LCD Screen

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Well that's interesting. When I play video's I also notice them stutter; it's really noticeable when the video is smoothly scrolling along it's scenery and then it just stutters for barely a sec, but long enough and constant enough to be annoying. I don't remember anything like that using my old ATI graphics card laptop (but then I again I haven't watched a video on it in 3 years). Also, my sister's new laptop also has stutter, even though it is an 8400M GT. I'll be building a PC very soon so i may not equip it with a NVIDIA graphics card after all.

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