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Geforce4 420 go 32m


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I'm using the Geforce4 420 go 32m... With a compaq presario r3000 notebook

I can't seem to find a driver here on the website adapt to this card.

Can someone please suggest me which driver ACTUALLY supports my card?

I only want to update because I'm playing world of warcraft and I can not enable Specular Lighting...

Thanks in advance!

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What os are u using?

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Or your card does not support that feature. It could be either of the two possibilities but hopefully it works.

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If you want to go older 77.77 with mod INF will run fine on that card.

If this feature requires vertex shaders you will have to go to much older drivers like the 4x.xx series. (only software supported on that card with older drivers only)

That takes you back to the stone age of drivers. Of course your card is from the stone age so you should get a new laptop.

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Really like I said before, the ONLY reason why I'm trying to get an update is to enable Specular Lighting.

This computer runs World of Warcraft better than any other computer I have seen do it.

Once again I will just say, I was trying to find a way to trick my computer into force enabling it.

But if you want to offend my computer just because it was made in 2005,

Oh! Thats the stone age?

Now I remember that guy dressed in an orange loin cloth selling it to me... I think his name was Fred?


I'm sorry that I bought it then


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You shouldn't be buying a graphics card that bad in a laptop from 2005. That is a card from like 2001 or 2002.

In 2005 they had 6 series I am pretty sure.

My laptop from 2002 came with a much better graphics card.

When that card came out we had like 17 series detonator drivers.

The best chance you have to use that feature is probably the 4x series drivers as I've mentioned.

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