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GeForce Go 7600 and Age of Conan


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I have a problem. I want to to play age of conan on my laptop, but I cant. When I start the game it tells me that my drivers may be bad and that I should update them and directs me to nvidias website. However when I look around there I find out that they dont have drivers for me there, since my laptop is a fujitsu siemens I have to get my drivers there.

And well, I have the newest drivers from fujitsu siemens, but the game still wont run problerly. Its like half the grafics arent showing at all, for example only bits and peaces of the landscape, completly unplayable.

My info:

AMILO Xi 1526 from Fujitsu Siemens

Geforce Go 7600

Windows XP media center edition

What driver do you guys recommend?

I have been looking around alot at this forum but I really dont understand much and the search function dose not work for me, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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Guest Shadow

Hey bro i have the same prob. with jade empire try to use your original driver or take a look at the fujitsu siemens homepage for a newer one. you can also try a driver of 16x.xx or 15x.xx

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I really need help guys, all the fixes I seen have been for vista and when I look at all the drivers and try to figure out wish one I should use, I get a headache.

Plus I really want to try age of conan, so please guys, like I said any help is greatly appreciated.

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