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Toshiba 6100: no SOUND after installing new Geforce4 420 w/standby fix graphic driver


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Hi, Thanks for your website!!!

MY current systems Diagnostics is attached. :)

Toshiba makes it very hard.... I've been working on my laptop for all day and night. It took me all this time to get the right video driver and find out how to use the Inf. file - which I placed in the driver folder. I finally got my graphic card to work using: Nvidea's Geforce4 420 w/standby fix Version 56.72 for my gaming - Whoh! My games now work and no black bar either - JUST DON"T USE NVIDEA DISPLAY MANAGER - or you'll get the black bar back and it own't go away.

BUT NOW: My audio doesn't work - Any clear suggestions - and I'm so tired now, please tell.

I'm using xp- s2 + you probsvly know its that yamaha ac-xg audio 2002 version -

I aready disabled it, etc. etc.

I'll check back. finally going to bed...


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Have you tried uninstalling the sound driver and re-installing it?

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:) YES I've done that. I read in another post that my sound just won't work and to disable thecard, but hee must be another way to tweak this...

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Guest lucystar

Hi I had to reinstall the sound card and downloaded tvs non-HD version and suddenly my sound started working again untill I updated my system through windows update and it automatically uploaded SP3.

Now my sound doesn't work again. ANother thing - which i'll try when I get home to my laptop is that there is this hidden black wheel on the side of the laptop (I didn't know what it was for) which I read on a blog that this wheel controls the hardware to the sound and overrides anything we do to program it - and I'll see if this helps. but I've had to use system restore to before SP3 to get the sound to work again but the 3rd time I did that it didn't work.

I hate my Toshiba 6100!

Will anyone respond?

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The black wheel should be the volume control. From the posted DX diag is seems that the driver is correctly installed. You can also run the NERD tool (see my signature for link) in order to even provide us with more details about your hardware.

The 6100 doesn't come with HD sound, so in order to install the correct driver go here: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=7040 and download the latest v6.13.10.3157

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